We have outlined some digital marketing trends, importance, and strategies in our previous articles. Now we take an in-depth look at what digital marketing is and share some tips.

There is no doubt that digital marketing is crucial when it comes to the success of any business no matter what industry you are in. The pandemic has pushed many businesses to see the value in digital marketing to attract new customers. with the increase in digital marketing data tools, analytics, and digital marketing software, it is far easier to see online customer behavior and cater to it. Digital marketing has enabled businesses to gain treasured insights into customers’ minds.

What is Digital Marketing?

It is the use of the internet, social media platforms, websites, emails, and all our electronic devices to get your business found by new customers. Digital marketing is trending upwards as more people use the internet and social platforms to get work done and play.

The 5Ds of Digital Marketing.

We choose to use the term”digital marketing channels” rather than “types” as each channel that may be used to reach potential customers may be complex depending on the level of integration and tactics you apply across your digital marketing strategy and campaigns. Digital Marketing today is about many more types of target audience interaction than websites or email… The 5Ds define the opportunities for customers to interact with brands and for businesses to reach and learn from their audiences in different ways.

Digital Devices- Audience experience brands as they interact with the business websites and mobile apps usually through a combination of connected devices which includes smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, TVs, and gaming devices.

Digital Platforms- Most interactions on these devices are through a browser or apps from major platforms or services, that’s Facebook(and Instagram), Google (and Youtube), Twitter, and LinkedIn

Digital Media- Different paid, owned, and earned communications channels for reaching and engaging audiences including advertising email and messaging search engines and social networks.

Digital Data- The insight businesses collect about their audience profile and their interactions with the businesses which now need to be protected by law in most countries.

Digital Technology- The marketing techniques that businesses use to create interactive experiences from websites and mobile apps to in-store kiosks and email campaigns.

Why do you need Digital Marketing?

Though the traditional channels are still in play, the digital marketing world offers several advantages

  • With online marketing, you can reach global audiences.
  • Personalization allows you to target and segment more effectively.
  • Efficiency and automation let you do more with less marketing budget, even with a small marketing team.
  • Your brand can attain greater visibility across digital channels.
  • The software makes adopting digital marketing strategies faster and easier.
  • You can communicate with customers more rapidly and frequently.
  • Data collection and analysis enable your business to make better decisions.

Digital Marketing Tips

Emotive helps e-commerce businesses harness the power of texting as a key component of a successful digital marketing strategy. But there is more to it than just texting so we are sharing our best marketing tips with you

1. Understand your customer

It is essential to understand your target audience in e-commerce marketing. Who are they? What are their interests? Where do they spend their time? To identify and understand your customers, you may want to conduct market research: this can be as simple as surveying some of your existing customers. You will use the data to develop a variety of buyer personas and a customer journey that maps the steps a prospective customer takes on a path from an anonymous shopper to a loyal purchaser.

2. Update your Website

Do not start the year with an old, dysfunctional website. Doing so would be like wearing an old unwashed uniform to your big first client meeting. Users spend very little time on your site so you do not want to lose users because your site is not updated or user-friendly.

3. Create Content

The best and most engaging content always answers your user’s questions. You want content that either answer, informs, or add value to the user’s experience and ultimately helps solve their problems.

4. Take advantage of paid ads.

Businesses have used traditional marketing to boost their business exposure, however, the pandemic has affected the effectiveness of most of the traditional marketing platforms. Digital has been the least affected of these and has in fact improved during the pandemic. To lower costs and increase returns businesses are allocating less to traditional ways of marketing and more to digital marketing. Doing this improves the business’s website traffic and more traffic means more people finding you which means more potential sales and profits.

5. Ensure your website is mobile-responsive.

Your website should be mobile responsive to ensure a great user experience for visitors and higher search rankings. The pandemic has caused device usage to increase, so be optimized on numerous types of smartphones, and tablets available today.

6. Create self-service options

Clients constantly demand more and you need to satisfy them quickly. An easy technique is by providing resources in the knowledge base with answers to frequently asked questions with examples, pictures, explanations, links to additional resources, and training videos.

7. Market toward Generation Z

Generation Z is the most noteworthy generation in today’s thrift. These influential young people use technology more than any other generation, making them even more vital for businesses that need an audience.

8. Use videos on social media

Try a new approach to content marketing. With 68% of consumers wanting image-based posts and 50% looking for video engagement, it might be time to use videos on social media.

The future of Marketing.

Marketing is becoming more and more digital in recent years, and it may seem that digital marketing tactics will be more effective and are slowly becoming apparent. Digital marketing is a craft, and one of the things to think about is how your product or service will have a good impact. In the past marketers relied on traditional advertising and email marketing to reach their audience, Today we have more opportunities to go digital with various platforms such as mobile apps and website design. The digital revolution has been going on for the past decade and is still going on, helping smaller companies break into the market faster than ever before. The trend toward digital advertising is likely to continue with more companies moving towards targeted and personalized advertising.


Social media platforms are undoubtedly the most effective in digital marketing. It is more likely that many will give up on traditional ways of marketing in favor of social media. However, social media today is nowhere strong as it will be in the next five to ten years. The digital marketing tactics that will be more effective are the ones that have a broad reach, which can be accomplished by investing money in social media.

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