tools to make you smarter as a marketer.

Promoting products and services, generating leads, driving sales, and improving brand image using various marketing tools and techniques are what define the life of a marketer. The role of marketing as a professional is challenging and full of responsibilities but at the same time, it is fun and exciting too.

What is a marketing tool?

A marketing tool can be a technique, strategy, or software used for promoting products or services with the intent to boost the sale of the business. However, the marketing tool I am going to be talking about in this article is the software that can be used to facilitate your everyday responsibility as a marketer

Best marketing tools for marketers.

HUBSPOT– when you think of content marketing you probably think of HubSpot. The company has long been a leader in the industry and they do practice what they preach. HubSpot is a very powerful tool for businesses of all sizes. This software is designed to help content marketing, increase website traffic and convert those visitors into leads. HubSpot website builder makes it easy for you to update your website without the need to hire a designer or developer.

BUFFER– It’s a marketing software that helps users in social media marketing and management effectively and efficiently. There is a 4-step strategy to connect with people that are analyzed, publish engage and celebrate. It is mostly used for content creation; it helps users to create the best content and track its status.

MAILCHIMP– Mailchimp is a platform that provides different marketing and commerce tools to take the business to another level. It helps in collecting data, creating marketing channels, and providing insights to grow the business. It helps in automating the marketing process to eliminate excess time taken and other essential tasks. With this software, you can create a custom domain for online businesses. You can create custom designs for your website too.

GOOGLE ANALYTICS– This is a platform for understanding the customers better by preparing insights with data. It helps to know your customer’s behavior through a variety of data reports thus you will be able to make decisions for your company

HOOTSUITE– Just like buffer it is a social media marketing software. It engages and also manages comments from the audience. This tool monitors your performance as well as competitors. It also helps in advertising your brand to reach a maximum audience.

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