Digital Marketing Trends For The Past 10 years

Social Media

10 ten years ago social media was more about keeping in touch with friends and family. It was not complicated and was an excellent way for people to stay connected. Facebook was a baby and the word influencer didn’t have meaning in the social media world. Businesses have realized how critically important social media is to generating revenue and brand awareness. As more customers are turning to social media as a way to engage online businesses are have had to follow suit.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In 2010, google was not equipped to battle keyword surfing, were content creators load webpages with keywords in an attempt to manipulate rankings. But after a 2011 platform update, the SEO began and marketers rejoiced.  Google algorithms also started to prioritize HTTPS websites. Since encryption guarantees data integrity, and the user’s confidential information, HTTPS became a positive nexus with higher search rankings on Google’s SERPs.

Today a safer website means that users will trust you and Google will rank you better, this boosts your SEO

Content Marketing

The way content is shared now is not the only thing that has drastically changed it is also the types of content shared that has evolved dramatically too, partly due to the way we consume it. We are much more mobile -focused compared to the last decade with a multitude of applications and platforms to choose from, so it was inevitable that content would keep up with that.

Digital PR

Since stories were shared and building brands almost a decade ago, PR has evolved considerably and it is important that we stay up to date with innovations in the digital PR world. Journalist no longer need to wait for a press conference to get information from a brand, it is all right at their finger tips all thanks to advancement in social media, blogging and technology.

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