Digital Marketing Strategies for 2023

1. Improving Content Velocity and Quality to Get the Edge

More is not always better, especially when it comes to content. That’s why strategies to scale content marketing must factor in both velocity and quality in equal measures.

If you’re putting painstaking work and attention into your content but only able to publish once a month, you’re missing out on so many opportunities to appear in search, social, email, and other channels when compared to your more productive competitors. Even so, we know the critical importance of expertise, authority, and trust (E-A-T) in content. There’s no point in churning out a high volume of low-quality content.

Instead, look at what you need to improve and implement in order to create quality content at scale.

For example, short videos are great for business because they are easy to produce and they capture the viewers’ attention quickly. Social media Platforms like Ticktock, Instagram reels are perfect, where people are scrolling through their feeds quickly and they are heavily invested in this format, also they have large audiences that can help you promote your business.

2. Artificial intelligence

The covid-19 pandemic jolted businesses to the realization that business as usual is not enough to address the kind of resources, capital and processes needed to scale up demands. Among it all, businesses have turned to AI to thrive, survivor soften the blow to their revenues.

Thanks to theoretical and technological innovations, we have moved on from chaining people to desk to perform arithmetic and analysis. We have got artificial computers now and we are happy to outsource much computing to them. There are so many uses and examples to list down. But for the purpose it is good to highlight that AI and machine learning inform search engines on which online content is the most informative ad useful for users. This is also something that marketers are doing. AI can help with marketing management, strategic market planning and automate digital marketing processes for you.

3. B2B Marketing Strategies

B2B marketing can be seen as boring or at least less exciting than B2C. But that does not need to be the case. It is important as a B2B company to be creative in your marketing and use channels available to be memorable. As marketers we all know the power of a great video campaign as a way to inform and connect. Most businesses use video as a marketing tool. Research shows the variety of reasons why video is used with the top being explainers followed by social media videos and presentations. For  B2B companies video can play an important role in the sales and marketing cycles.

4.Content Marketing Strategies

Use content to drive connections- we all know as marketers that content can be used in all stages of the marketing and sales funnel to provide information and solutions. In 2023 content should be used to make connections and build communities. As customers become more interested in the value and ethics of brands, in order for companies to succeed they will need to foster and seek out connections. Also refine and define brand partnerships and balance your content to offer value not just sell.

5. Market towards Generation Z

Generation z is the most noteworthy generation in today’s world. These influential young people use technology more than any other generation making them more vital for businesses that need an audience.

6.Optimize conversion rates and improve them

Not every business optimizes its conversion rates as best as possible. Only a few businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates. That means more effort must be put to convert potential leads to customers. Digital marketing helps a potential market of customers to be engaged and hopefully be convinced to be converted.

7. Outsourcing to digital marketing agencies will be popular

As a business be it small or big, outsourcing is always a great way to get more done. No business wants to be held back by opportunities because they do not have enough in-house resources. If in need of help with marketing why not outsource the help of digital marketing agencies. Many of these agencies have much more knowledge to share and implement into growing trends within the digital environment.

8.Influencer marketing will continue to boom

What was only used by a handful of marketers is now being used by almost every digital business. Some influencers can generate a great ROI whether trough TikTok, Facebook, you tube etc. or companies collaborating with these users.

9.Social media marketing becomes more important

This makes social media a promising opportunity for marketers and advertisers. Infact, in past years advertisers have spent billions on social media advertising. Many people especially those in gen z are using social apps to look up product reviews and endorsements, find local businesses and restaurants and even look up for jobs.

10. Brands will invest more in marketing

In 2023 brands would be wise to increase spend on marketing with focus shifting towards measurable and ROI. This means companies that maintain and accelerate their marketing efforts in 2023 will be the ones to come out on top when market inevitably improves.


As financial concerns grow and consumer wallets get tight, marketers will have to adjust their methodology and focus in 2023. Social media, influencers and content creators will continue to play a major role in in how consumers shop and buy. Local marketing will become even more important and customer retention rather than conversion will take the lead. AI technologies will become more useful to marketers.

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